Morrisville Development Utilizes Native Aquatic Plants in Stormwater Management System

Park West Village in Morrisville, North Carolina is a mixed-use development in the heart of the Research Triangle. The property features residential, commercial, office, and hospitality space. A development of this magnitude is required to have a large (6-acre) constructed wetland feature that filters runoff and prevents flooding. The developers, in conjunction with the Town of Morrisville, placed this wetland at the center of the property, surrounded by greenway trail. As such, this system needed to add significant aesthetic value for residents and visitors.


Pickerel Weed, a native aquatic plant, beneficial to stormwater management.

Dragonfly Pond Works is experienced in creating and managing constructed wetlands. One of the most important features of a lake or pond is aquatic plants. Aquatic plants absorb pollutants entering the water, preventing the pollutants from reaching nearby lakes and streams. The right plants also create habitat for bees, dragonflies, and butterflies. Importantly, beautiful blooms add great aesthetic value to the landscape. Dragonfly Pond Works took steps to assure that this prominent constructed wetland became the focal point of the property.

Year 1, immediately after planting: It is important to plant the right aquatic plants very early in the life of the pond. It is also important to eliminate and control invasive plants from the beginning. Invasive plants can quickly overtake healthy plants and compromise system functionality.

Year 2: During the first and second year, our client invested in additional aquatic plants. We also provided aggressive and detailed invasive weed controls. In-depth knowledge of aquatic plant management is necessary.

Year 3: The plants are flourishing. We continue to maintain the pond with detailed weed eating, algae and invasive plant control, and mowing.

The thriving aquatic plants attract dragonflies, which eat mosquitoes! This constructed wetland also provides a natural habitat for wildlife. Visitors and residents are able to enjoy this visually pleasing area, adding value to the Park West Village community.


An important aspect of our conversion process is establishing a maintenance program. For the system to properly function, the right plants need to thrive while invasive plants are controlled. This requires a specialized stormwater maintenance team for accurate aquatic plant identification. Landscaping crews may unknowingly eliminate beneficial plants or leave invasive plants in place.

The Dragonfly Pond Works team is knowledgeable and experienced in creating and maintaining all stormwater management systems. We continue to provide necessary maintenance years after the initial planting. The Park West Village constructed wetland is a functioning and aesthetically pleasing waterscape. Proper maintenance will allow this system to be a healthy sanctuary enjoyed long into the future. At Dragonfly Pond Works, we create beautiful spaces.

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