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Community Gets Creative with Dredging and Shoreline Restoration

Preston Village in Cary, North Carolina is a wonderful and peaceful place to live. At the heart of this community is a beautiful lake, complete with a fountain and raised gazebo over the water. Any given evening will find families outside enjoying this sanctuary.


Unfortunately, during the last year, the HOA realized that their lake did not appear as healthy as it once was. After consulting Dragonfly’s experts, they learned that excessive buildup had caused shallow lake sections and that wave action had caused a severely eroded shoreline. Both of these issues result in an unsafe, unhealthy, and non-compliant lake. The typical solution is costly, high impact dredging by an excavator. This would require the lake to be drained and heavy machinery brought in, which could damage the surrounding area.

Example of shoreline erosion resulting in an unsafe, unhealthy, and non-compliant body of water.

Example of conventional dredging where the body of water was drained and heavy machinery utilized.

The Dragonfly Pond Works Team is passionate about creating and maintaining beautiful aquatic sanctuaries. The DPW team understood how important this lake was to the community and worked with community members to provide a creative low impact solution. We proposed to use our Dino 6 Hydraulic dredge to remove the excessive sediment and then re-use the nutrient-rich sediment to correct the erosion that had occurred. This innovative solution would not require the lake to be drained and would safeguard the existing landscape and wildlife habitat. This work would be cost effective, time efficient, and allow residents to continue to access parts of the lake and surrounding area during the process.


Our experienced team secures our system of Geobags along the eroded shoreline.

Our Dino6 hydraulic dredge easily glides through the water. The Dino6 is maneuvered throughout the lake to pump excess sediments from shallow areas to the bags secured along the shoreline.

Our low impact solution did not disturb local wildlife.


The nutrient-rich material is pumped directly from the hydraulic dredge into the Geobag. The Geobag allows water to escape while keeping the material inside. The anchor bag will remain in place to correct the eroded slope and protect against future erosion.

Additional excess sediment is graded over the top of the anchor bag. This soil will be used as part of the natural landscape. Grass will regrow here and the anchor bag will no longer be visible underneath.

The restored shoreline looks natural and beautiful. Our solution is long-lasting and will safeguard against future erosion.

At Dragonfly Pond Works we always love meeting people that are as passionate about aquatic sanctuaries as we are. The Preston Village community sought an effective, environmentally friendly solution to restore their lake. We are proud to have been able to provide this nature-loving community an affordable, beautiful, and lasting result. At Dragonfly Pond Works, we create beautiful spaces.

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